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Over the past years, I’ve been learning a lot about blogging, internet marketing, SEO, application development, system administration etc and now I feel inspired to share the knowledge on this platform for free. I first began about a year and a half ago with which has been useful to many people, and I have been thanked many times – for which I am truly grateful. I am equally active on Quora where I answer questions in areas where I’m knowledgeable and it has been going well. Last I checked, my answers had reached 15.9K views.

I am so excited to begin and drive this new journey with DivoSays and to provide awesome ideas and tips continuously. I would appreciate if you can give a small donation to keep DivoSays going. It shouldn’t be much –just a few dollars – and only if/when you can afford it. You can click the link below or above to donate. Your contribution will be used to pay for hosting, to advertise on other websites, domain name renewal etc.

Thank you for your donation and best wishes.