8 Effective Tips for Performing Well under Pressure at Work or in School

Working under pressure effectively is an important quality to possess in life. This is especially needed if you’re in the corporate world, in IT or a student in school. Can you remember the last time your boss was on your head to deliver on time or that school project that you had to deliver on time? How was the experience? guess it wasn’t fun enough. The inability to handle work pressure can often lead to stress or burn out, so in this post, I am sharing 8 tips for performing well under pressure.

1. Break down the project into subtasks

If you’re working on a big project, break it down into smaller subtasks and focus on completing the subtasks. Forget about the end for the moment and get the small pieces done. The end result is usually the sum of all the small subtasks that you have completed successfully. Another benefit of doing this is that when you complete one subtask, it gives you the internal motivation and satisfaction to keep going.

2. Find a way to enjoy your work

Figure out a way to make your work a passion. When you’re passionate about something, it’s no longer work. Find a way to add fun to the process. Don’t just go in for a job because of the money but asked yourself if you would really enjoy doing it. Stress and burnout most often are usually because of doing something you don’t like and being pressured to do it.

3. Communicate clearly

When you’re managing a project, make sure to communicate clearly. Set a realistic deadline. If you anticipate early that you’re not going to meet the deadline you first gave, make sure to communicate this early and explain why you won’t be able to meet up with the first deadline. If you’re a student were you don’t have an influence on the deadline, try as much as possible to discipline yourself and start your project early. Also, break the project into subtasks as explained above.

4. Get rid of distraction

The ability to stay focus is important for creative work. When its time to work, turn off social media. You can’t be working and chatting at the same time. Setup a distraction free environment. If you’re working at home and addicted to watching TV, sell your TV or work somewhere else. Distraction leads to procrastination.

5. Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t put off work that can be done now for later. This would overwhelm you later. Do the task now. That movie or TV show will not run (i.e you can watch it later), but the opportunity can be missed.

6. Get help quickly

Try not to reinvent the wheel. If you’re stuck, get help. If you’re a developer, search stackoverflow.com. Is amazing what others have already done and answered. There is no gain doing what has already been done especially if you’re working in a fast pace environment. The person that get the appreciation is the one who was able to deliver faster with the help of others and not the one who delivered late trying to reinvent everything.

7. Meditate

Start meditating and keep a calm mind. is totally okay to fail (but learn from the experience). Being worried is the beginning of stress and would do no good. If your progress is not good, improve! and be happy with the decision you have made to improve. Worrying will not make you improve. Dedicate time for meditation.

8. Think about the end

Begin with the end in mind. How would you feel when you get your project done on time? What would be the benefit if you do the tasks you have been putting off now? What doors would open to you if you could just grind now? Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. You never know what would happen tomorrow. When the end is exciting and fulfilling, you would beat the instant gratification monkey in your brain that keeps telling to just watch this movie now, just play this video game now and that there is tomorrow. Is more fulfilling to have the fun after accomplishing something.

I hope this short article is beneficial to you. Thanks for reading. I am sure if you apply these tips you will perform well under pressure. Have you ever worked under pressure? What are some things you did to enjoy the process? What strategies did you use to get things done and not burnout? I will like to know in the comments.


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